Your Whole Body is Connected

and understanding how it works together will help everything move better

The working parts of your body are all, very literally, connected.

Your shoulders, your neck, your ribs, your back, your hips – all of it. So when one part of our body isn’t functioning well, we may feel the effects somewhere else. If your back is sore but it’s moving just fine, that soreness is probably originating elsewhere.

Your brain is smart. When something is out of whack, it picks the easiest way for you to move with a minimum amount of energy or discomfort. In other words, your body starts overcompensating in one area so that you can maintain some function in the problem area.

Great, right?

The problem is, each part of your body is built to perform a specific function really well. When an area starts working overtime to compensate for other areas, it eventually causes problems. You might experience limited range of motion, weakness, bad balance, or localized aches and discomfort. 


The good news is, the solution is often simpler than you’d think.

When we identify the part(s) of your body requiring a shift and correct them, results can be immediate. You may feel improvement in that particular area, but the rest of your body should move better too. You’ve relieved the stress that was holding everything back.

You can forget about that “thing” you thought you had (you don’t have a bad back, your back was just doing a job it wasn’t supposed to do) and focus on doing what you enjoy.  You’ll feel better in the moment, all while setting yourself up for success for the long term.

Find out what's holding you back

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