Why We Test (And You Should Too)

Your body is unique and complex. If you don’t assess where it is, how could you ever address what it needs?

With MOVR’s Body Analysis, you’ll perform 10 simple movements that assess your strength, mobility and motor control.

Your scores create a unique profile to help you understand how your body currently moves, and where there’s room for improvement.

Testing your movement is also a great way to track your development over time. We’ll give you lots of opportunity to do just that.

Your Body is a Unit 

Your whole body is connected. Your shoulders, your neck, your ribs, your back, your hips – all of it.

So when one part of our body isn’t functioning well, we often feel it somewhere else. If your shoulder is sore but it’s moving just fine, that soreness is probably originating elsewhere.

Your brain is smart. When something is out of whack, it picks the easiest way for you to move with a minimum amount of energy or discomfort. In other words, your body starts overcompensating in one area so that you can maintain some function in the problem area.

Great, right? The problem is, each part of your body is built to perform a specific function really well. When an area takes on new job or starts working overtime to compensate for other areas, it eventually causes problems. You might experience limited range of motion, weakness, bad balance, or even pain.

Find Your Weakest Link… and Fix it Fast

Listen, we all have limitations. Our brain gives us reminders (aches, tightness, restricted mobility or loss of stability), but we’re used to putting on a brave face and ‘pushing through’. We hope things will magically improve on their own, but they don’t.

Identifying and developing your weakest area (or biggest area of opportunity) is the most important thing you can do to improve the way your entire body moves. When you focus on this ‘low hanging fruit’, everything else up the chain gets better, because your brain can actually relax.

We’re here to help you do just that.  

Feel Better in Your Body in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Now that we know where you’re at, we’ll avoid exercises that won’t serve you and focus on those that will get you moving and feeling better right away.

These aren’t just random movements – Prescribed Minis open up your body and increase mobility, stability and strength where you need it most.

It’s low impact training for your body, but high impact for your brain. While you learn to move better, you’re also rewiring ingrained movement patterns that hold you back.

That means you will…

    • Feel good physically
    • Correct your imbalances and weaknesses quickly
    • Improve general movement performance
    • Change how you experience your body
  • Focus on what you want to do, rather than what was holding you back

Results You’ll See

When we identify the part(s) of your body requiring a shift and correct them, results can be immediate. You’ll feel improvement in that particular area, but the rest of your body will move better too. You’ve relieved the stress that was holding everything back.

You can forget about that ‘thing’ you thought you had (you don’t have a bad back, your back was just doing a job it wasn’t supposed to do) and focus on doing what you enjoy.  You’ll feel better in the moment, all while setting yourself up for success for the long term.

This can all happen while you work towards other movement goals.