Find Your Baseline With Our Body Analysis 

A quick 10-step movement test that helps you get started at a level that’s right for you.

It all starts here. Before you can get moving in the right direction, you’ve got to assess where you’re starting from.

Our Body Analysis creates a unique profile to help you understand how your body currently moves, and where there’s room for improvement.

Testing your movement as you go is also a great way to track your progress and ensure you’re always being challenged at the right level.

Improve Your Moves With MOVR Minis

A bite-sized approach to movement that helps you loosen up, increase mobility or build strength when time is tight.

It only takes a few minutes of focussed movement to feel better in your body.

MOVR Minis are 5-minute sessions that make healthy movement approachable, no matter what your schedule.

They feel good in the moment, but Minis also improve your movement in the long-term.

Your Prescribed Minis help increase your Body Analysis scores, adjusting the challenge to keep your progress steady.

Build Your Own Session With Quickstart

Choose the time, gear, and focus for training tailored to your in-the-moment needs.

Looking for something bigger? Build a session to suit your needs with Quickstart.

No matter what you’re after, Quickstart uses your Body Analysis to design every session around your current ability.

You pick the parameters – we’ll do the rest.

Train Towards a Goal With MOVR Modules

Courses designed to help you train for long-term movement improvement.

MOVR Modules offer a day-by-day approach to feeling and moving better in the long-term. 

Take the guesswork out of your routine with daily guidance to keep you on track and consistently moving forward.

You’ll build functional strength and mobility to prepare for your next challenge, and feel great along the way.

Improve the way you move

in just a few minutes each day.