movr minis

Small sessions that make a big impact

They sound cute, don’t they?

The truth is, you don’t always need to carve out big chunks of time to train your body. Minis are short, focused sessions that improve the way you move whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare.

These aren’t just random movements – movr uses your Body Analysis results to prescribe Minis that open up your body and increase mobility, stability and strength where you need it most.

It’s low impact training for your body, but high impact for your brain. While you learn to move better, you’re also rewiring ingrained movement patterns that hold you back.

That means you can expect to…

    • Feel good physically

    • Correct your imbalances and weaknesses quickly

    • Improve general exercise performance

    • Change how you experience your body

  • Focus on what’s ahead, not what was holding you back

A little something, every day

When you’re looking for some help to get you through the daily motions, movr also has situational everyday Minis.

Whether you’re just getting moving in the morning, taking a break at the office, preparing for a run, or winding down for the night – there’s always a way to get moving the way you want to.

Improve the way you move

in just a few minutes each day.