Getting Started

Getting started with movr

Follow these simple steps to get familiar with how to get the most out of movr. Along the way, you’ll gain a stronger understanding of where you’re at, what you need, and how to forge a strong and sustainable connection with your body.

Step 1:

Complete the Body Analysis

From your homescreen, take 10 minutes to assess yourself on some basic movements. This helps us get to know you so that every future visit will be personalized for you.

Step 2:

Take 5 Minutes for a Mini

Minis are focussed 5-minute sessions to help you open up and improve where you need it most. Tap Level Up on your homescreen to access Prescribed Minis just for you, as well as situational Minis for your everyday needs.

Step 3:

Schedule Your Next Session

Help the habit stick! When you’ve completed a Mini, schedule your next session to receive a reminder – just make sure you’ve got Push Notifications turned on. You can also find your schedule on the app sidebar.

Step 4:

Remember to Re-test

With regular usage (3-4 five minute Minis a week), users have reported feeling improved movement and greater mobility. Find out for yourself by re-assessing your Body Analysis after your first 8 sessions.

Step 5:

Keep Moving Forward

When you re-test your Body Analysis, you may find you’ve improved a few of your movements. Each time you increase your score, you’ll open yourself up to new Minis and movements that meet you where you are to keep your progress steady.

PSIf you’re looking for a little more exertion, check out Quickstart on the homescreen. Here, you can build your own session to suit your in-the-moment needs while you move towards greater strength or mobility.

Take the first step towards healthy movement.

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