Your Body Analysis 

Assess Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

Lots of apps out there try to help you hit your goals by giving you one-size-fits-all templates to follow. Not us.

What if you’ve got a tight back, or your hips are locked up? What if you can’t touch your toes, or your neck tenses up whenever you reach overhead? We all have different needs, and stressing your body with generic templates can do more harm than good.

Our Body Analysis is a series of straightforward movement tests that helps highlight any limitations you may have (and maybe weren’t even aware of). That way, we can help you free up those areas by prescribing specific movements that empower you to move and feel better every day.

As you notice improvements, we recommend occasionally re-testing your Body Analysis. It’s a great way to track your progress over time,  and will unlock new ways to keep you moving forward.

Improve the way you move

in just a few minutes each day.