Choose Your Commitment

How to Choose Your Commitment Level 

There are lots of ways to use MOVR. No matter how you choose to engage with the app, we’re here to meet you halfway.

We’ve outlined a few potential approaches based on the time commitment you’re comfortable with and the outcome you’re after.

‘Friends With Benefits’

Low Commitment & Time Investment

So you think we’re kinda cute, but you’re not ready to introduce us to your parents. Listen, we get it. We can still make you feel good… Let’s take it day by day.

    • The DEETS: You’re stickin’ with body analysis and 5-minute Minis

  • The INPUT: Complete 3-4 Prescribed Minis each week

  • The OUTCOME: Move and feel better, without all the extras

‘Going Steady’

Flexible Commitment & Medium Time Investment

Wanna see a little more of us? Hey, we like you too. We’re ready to take this relationship to the next level if you are.

    • The DEETS: Add a few 15-60 min. Quickstart sessions each week

  • The INPUT: Complete 3-4 Prescribed Minis + 1-2  Quickstart sessions each week to build strength or get sweaty

  • The OUTCOME: Feel good and start moving with strength

‘Put a Ring on it’

Strong Commitment & Consistent Time Investment

We thought you’d never ask. Together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. Let’s make some future plans and jump in with both feet.

    • The DEETS: Sign up for a MOVR Module

  • The INPUT: Complete 3-4 Prescribed Minis each week + Follow your Module training schedule in the app

  • The OUTCOME: Feel great and experience movement improvement as you train towards a goal 

Why not commit to feeling good?

The move is yours.