Movr x BenchApp

Hockey Warm Ups, Cool Downs and Strength Programs

MOVR has teamed up with BenchApp to provide you with pre game warm-ups, post game cool-downs, and a strength training program made specifically to build your best hockey butt.

Here’s What We Made, Just for You:

We know that the best way to kickstart your game – while ensuring your groin isn’t as tight as a violin tomorrow – is by getting your hips fast and loose. Give one of these a shot:


  1. 5 minute MOVR mini made specifically for pre/post games (beer in hand optional)
  2. A BenchApp specific MOVR Program to add strength and mobility for 4 weeks (Guaranteed slap shot top cheds every time)
  3. MOVR Quickstart: build a mobility, strength or speed workout for any length of time, in any workout scenario.
All you’ve gotta do is download MOVR and pick your poison on the main page:


5 minute warm-up for your hips to create new-found range for your skating stride


Strength and mobility training is what all hockey players do… why not you?


Stretching it out will make walking the next day much easier

The Romance: Why Bench Met MOVR

BenchApp met MOVR because we know that as a team player, you bring your best when your body is at it’s strongest and most flexible. Scrap the gym membership and use MOVR to do 5 minute routines that will benefit your game, 15-60 minute strength routines designed for lower body and core strength, or entire programs made specifically for hockey players to ensure you’ve got what it takes to make it all season long.